Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Vodafone already has 500,000 Nanosim for iPhone 5

In just six hours we will, at last, the new iPhone 5 . As we have said several times, plus all new hardware the iPhone 5 will come with a change of SIM card format, from the already mentioned Nanosim. In line with this, today we learned that Vodafone Germany has made ​​no less than 500,000 cards Nanosim ready for use on the iPhone 5. In addition, a web-filtering company, has confirmed the launch of the new iPhone with Nanosim.

Vodafone nanoSIM 650x425 Vodafone ya tiene 500,000 NanoSIM para el iPhone 5

Vodafone is preparing to launch the new iPhone ...

I commented the leak that has occurred in the official blog of Vodafone. Obviously quickly erased, but the Google cache of them has played a trick and we can still see it . In this blog you can see, among others, the image that you have a little higher, which is compared with the new MicroSIM card Nanosim, 60% smaller than the conventional SIM and 40% smaller than the MicroSIM.

Nanosim The standard was approved in early June this year, so Apple is the only one who has been able to develop a mobile terminal with this card. Moreover, we must remember that the development of the new type of SIM card is owned by Apple, so it is clear that this new card will be for the iPhone 5.

Important Reminder

It's official, the new iPhone 5 will be introduced by Apple on 12 September at 19.00 h (time of the Iberian Peninsula). If you want to follow the keynote live with us, you can do it from the following link:

Keynote iPhone 5

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