Friday, September 21, 2012

Video Review of iPhone 5

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In this video review in Spanish of the iPhone 5 we present all the news of new Apple product. Just today has gone on sale in the U.S. and we could try a white iPhone 5 16GB of AT & T. In this video we show you our first impressions, the main features of the terminal and an 'unboxing' in which we teach the new connector and headphones Lightning redesigned.

No we ignore the speed tests: the iPhone 5 offers LTE connectivity and the results are amazing. We compared the upload speeds of the iPhone 5, the iPhone 4S and its main rival in the market right now: the Samsung Galaxy SIII. Finally, in our video review of the iPhone 5 we answer the most frequently asked question by Apple fans: is it worth upgrading to iPhone 4/4s of an iPhone 5?

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