Friday, September 21, 2012

Video Review of the iPhone 5: in a few minutes

coberturaiphone51 Vídeo Review del iPhone 5: en unos minutos

We know many of you are eager to learn about the iPhone 5. Quiet. The video review is here and in a few minutes and will allow us to publish YouTube. In it we show the main new smartphone that debuted in stores around the world today and we 'unboxing', which also will teach the new charging cable (Lightning) and redesigned headphones.

Tomorrow we will continue our special coverage offering you a special podcast: First Impressions of the iPhone 5. Maria Fernandez, Ivan Lara, Gnzl server and we get to the other side of the microphone to bring you all kinds of information related to the iPhone 5, 6 and Jailbreak iOS. We will also have two special interviews.

Stay tuned to News iPhone. Thank you very much to all for your follow through Twitter.

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