Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Update iOS and / or iTunes without losing your sanity in trying

First of all, I have not forgotten to answer or read in my previous post but I want to give you a second part of my post that is worthy of you, my Dear @ s iHermanos, and I promise that I will do in my next post. Sorry for the delay.

But today I want to share something I wrote on my personal blog a year ago: tips for not dying tomorrow that everyone s we will bring our inner Nin @ the official launch of the new iOS 6. * Sara turns to happiness in his chair *. going to be a throwback to our favorite holiday * insert here *.

Tomorrow million fanboys (girls) try to urge iOS 6 and / or update iTunes, but this caused that: 1) Apple servers colpasen, 2) the download time is exaggerated (almost four hours) or 3) cancel each one attempts to download (in my case, 18 in the iOS 5 # truestory).

And if you want to avoid being like the photo buddy yelling "Merciful Jobs, download" I searched and found several options and tips to update, and then I present:

  • If you deploy the famous error that starts with 3xxx, do not worry, it is Apple's fault. As a connection that does not "fall" is almost a miracle.
  • After several attempts, I recommend restarting the computer as temporary files often prevent files quickly drop or not drop.
  • Connect to internet via ethernet and Wi-Fi is much better as it is more stable and faster.
  • Disable both Windows Firewall Antivirus, because sometimes, they cause the fall time is slower or just not established communication with the server. If you have OS X, it does not apply, unless they already use antivirus.
  • Use the download managers. I use jDownloader (available for Windows, OS X, Linux, etc..) which He served me quite as Chrome (my browser) could not stand the connection. If you want to use this option, look for the direct download link. almost always get the direction of Apple.
  • Download the IPSW (Firmware Update File) from another source other than iTunes or Apple can be a good option. There are users who rise to others (their) servers allowing the network is less congested, and the download time and improve stability. As I said in the previous point, it is advisable to use a software.
    • When downloading the IPSW without iTunes urge form is:
      • Make Backup / Backup iPhone
      • When connected to iTunes, click on the "Restore" while pressing the shift key (Windows) or Alt (on OS X). This lets you put your IPSW and install it.
      • Once finished installing, configure the iPhone with the latest backup.
      • If you delete your apps, do not worry, because with only download them again from the App Store, are restored. At least it happened to me.
      • Not frightened if not installed apps on the iPhone. Apparently not being installed after the update finishes. What you have to do is install them from the "Apps" in iTunes. This will prevent the loss of information.
  • If nothing flat serves: to wait until late at night (or at least after 8 or 9 pm) to Apple's servers are more unemployed.

I hope this mini guide helps them to stay calm and do not throw your iPhone and computer. If so, tell me why I work so my tips :) .

What Jobs accompany them and give them patience!

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