Monday, September 3, 2012

Top 3 iPhone 5 announcements FAKE

 Los 3 mejores anuncios FAKE del iPhone 5

Apple fans are already desperate to see the iPhone 5 . This desperation leads sometimes to believe that some videos on how users expect to be the new iPhone and hang on Youtube. The truth is there are some that are very good. We selected the three best for you may see. Unseen from an iPhone to another keyboard that projects a holographic form, there is nothing!

As we have discussed several times, it appears that the new iPhone 5 will be launched on September 12 . So while we wait, we leave you with the videos, as we say, no longer than officers, is to teach almost any iPhone with Star Trek technology.

The iPhone 5 with laser keyboard

This video presents an ultra slim iPhone 5 with a huge screen on the sides unframed. It also includes a holographic keyboard projected onto any surface and with which we can write even make it more or less great, according to our taste. And finally, the same projector that displays the keyboard is also capable of projecting images. Clearly not real, but more than 50 million video views are having a taste of what is well done. Do not miss it because you are going to be blown away!

The Invisible iPhone 5

This video is more humor than the last, but is also very accomplished. The video mimics Apple videos and leaving him actors posing as presenting a project developers iPhone 5 invisible. It's funny.

The iPhone 5 transparent

Another video very elaborate and looks very real. This time show an iPhone 5 which is a piece of glass. Also very futuristic.

Clearly, these three videos are unofficial and are close to what will be the iPhone 5, but we must recognize the quality and imagination they have. We have seen how the iPhone 5 will almost certainly, a thinner screen of 4 inches and 1136 x 640 resolution, two-tone rear and somewhat smaller connectors. As always say, we have to keep waiting.

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