Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Tomorrow is selling the iPhone 5 in Spain, how can we buy it?

iphone51 Mañana se vende el iPhone 5 en España, ¿cómo podemos adquirirlo?

Tomorrow comes the iPhone 5 to a new wave of countries among which is Spain. What we know so far to buy it? Not much, nothing more. Only you have to have your ID ready and your wallet (we still do not know the price) to acquire a free iPhone 5 from 8 in the morning in an Apple Store.

Operators have not spoken yet. Some stores of Vodafone and Orange seem to open this morning for the more anxious but not known fees and prices associated with Apple terminal.

Furthermore, Pepephone has already announced that it will take a month to take stock of the Nano-SIM. Meanwhile, the solution is to cut your current SIM using this template. If you cut more than you should, sends you a microSIM Pepephone free to try it again.

Less than 24 hours for the iPhone is sold, users do not know anything. As the hours pass you informed with all the time to time.

More - Apple enables the reservation of the iPhone 5 on their website for store pickup
Source - Engadget Mobile

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