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Tithing now called iPhone 5

They could see the IMISA by time, why they dropped the live (* cough cogh *) or just want a summary of what you missed, because we give it here.

Tim Cook and co. presented the new iPhone, iOS 6, iPod (Nano and Touch) and even EarPodes iTunes, but I'm going to talk about the two most important points: iPhone and iOS 6.

Tim started talking about facts, figures and shops. (You know, the ego aumentarnos data) and immediately after, Phil Schiller introduced us to submit to the new owner of our fortnights: the iPhone 5. His presentation was divided into six parts, of which you have the most important points.

The desire body

iPhone 5 is thinner and lighter as it measures 7.6 mm and weighs 112 grams (equivalent to 18% and 20% compared to the iPhone 4 respectively). It is made ​​with glass and aluminum, which makes it the finest iPhone so far.

I want to look better ...

The screen returns with its powerful retina display and its resolution of 326 ppi (pixels per inch), but now has a height of 4 inches (1136 x 640 pixels). Thanks to this, the home screen has room for 5 rows of icons (apps) so you can see more content (say outdated Android so far adapt automatically but must be taken with reservation).

Another important fact is that now has 44% more color saturation with respect to the iPhone 4S (more vivid and intense colors) and less bright in the sun as a layer removed.

Faster browsing over cellular network *

iPhone now includes technology LTE (Long Term Evolution) which has many benefits, including increased browsing speed and space savings (1 chip for voice and data, 1 radio, antenna dynamics). But here comes the most beautiful for Mexicans *: our country does not fall even in tests (none of our operators gives the width, ha!).

United States, Canada, Asia, Australia and Europe itself may enjoy the most of it.

I run, fly, I sped ...

The A6 Chip makes the iPhone is 2x faster your CPU, which benefits the graphics, especially games. To prove Phil introduced EA Games. How does it benefit those who do not play (like me)? In that Android "load" faster.

Long life ...

The pile lasts 225 hours in standby mode, 40 hours music playback, 10 hours Wi-Fi browsing and video playback, and 8 hours for voice navigation and 3G and LTE.


Best are the panoramic photos up to 28 mega pixels. No more separate apps with unstable pictures! Also thanks to the A6, the photos in low light better, quality images increases, there is a reduction of noise, and capture pictures faster.

Other important features of the camera are:

  • 8 megapixel (3264 x 2448)
  • HD video recording at 1080p at 30 frames per second with audio
  • Front camera / facetime HD with 1.2 MP photos and 720p HD video at 30 frames per second
  • Autofocus
  • Tap to focus video or still images
  • Detection of faces in video and photos
  • Flash LED
  • Improved video stabilization
  • Geotagging photos and videos
  • Hybrid filter go
  • Lenses five elements with sapphire crystal protection
  • Aperture f/2.4
  • 25% smaller

But that's not all ...

We will hear

Three microphones are included now located in the back, forward, and down. There are also improvements in the speaker and the headset and includes noise-cancellation.

Lightning: Thunderbolt younger brother

Is the new connector. Basically is smaller, with a longer lifetime, and is reversible so that there is a right side (as with USB).

For those who have products and kits with large adapter: do not worry, there is an adapter.

iOS 6 *

It was presented by Scott Forstall, who talked about the most relevant features (and remember that if they had already presented the iOS6 from June)

  • Maps: Almost everyone knows that Apple and Google are not friends, so far include your native app. The maps are made ​​in vector and information fentes are TomTom and Waze (for traffic). It has the same features that had as standard navigation, satellite view, directions, but now includes t urn-by-turn, flyover (3D view), traffic, local search (commercial) and comments with photos and text.
  • Notification center: now includes integration of twitter and facebook soon.
  • Safari: pages are displayed in full screen (no bars). And the markers that are synchronized in all iCloud iDispitivos through tabs.
  • Mail: VIP function allows you to choose an e-mail as important over all, and mark a message with a flag. It also has new animations (buh dum tss).
  • Passbook: Basically it's like an electronic wallet that holds boarding passes, movie tickets, match tickets and discounts. And know what is best! It does not work in Mexico.
  • Photostream: share pictures with certain people. It has push notifications, and can give likes and leave comments (so they do not on fb).
  • Siri: now we can give you information on:
    • Sports: statistics
    • Movies: information, schedules and reviews. Using Rotten Tomatoes
    • Local Search: commercial
    • Restaurants: information, reviews and even make reservations
    • And why not, update status (!) On fb and twitter.
  • facetime on data network: if you want to end your data and stack, use it.
  • Single mode app: the phone is locked to only run one app.

However, the most important question is how will be available in Mexico features iOS 6? Except Passbook, surprisingly many of the functions themselves are available for our country. And these are:

  • Maps: standard, satellite, addresses, navigation turn-by-turn, local search (!).
  • Siri: sports, twitter and facebook integration, local search, restaurant (information, reservations), films (information).

Thanks to @ nglzl who shared the league on twitter

And when it comes out FOR MEXICO? Who knows, but certainly before 2013: trollface:

How about the new iPhone? Are you going to buy?

In my very humble opinion: if you have an iPhone 3G or 3GS or 4 very mopped up, it is worth.

Well, this was my first post: @ Odysseus infinitely grateful for the trust.

I'm Sara and I hope to receive your feedback.

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