Sunday, September 2, 2012

Timeline of the launch of new Apple products for 2012

The analyst Ming-Chi Kuo of KGI Securities has published a new research report in which he outlined his ideas on the presentations of new Apple products for the remainder of 2012, and notes that delays in some components has forced Apple to keep a very tight schedule.

Apple's new products for 2012

calendario productos apple 2012 Cronología sobre el lanzamiento de nuevos productos de Apple para 2012

Recognizing that Apple is working to delay the launch of new products, Kuo has published its program until late 2012. As you can see, he believes the Retina MacBook Pro 13-inch and an updated version of the 21.5-inch iMac appear at any time, followed by the iPhone 5 and the new iPod touch in mid-September. A new iPad optimized and updated iPod nano could go in early October, while the iPad mini and the new 27-inch iMac would be delayed until late October.

For the iMac, Kuo says that Apple will not introduce Retina Display screen this year, but the company is working to improve the quality of the current screen. As for the iPhone, thinks Apple's suppliers must be able to provide sufficient supplies, but there are some technical obstacles to the production of new thinner displays the new iPhone 5 . Kuo expects the new iPod touch adopt the same screen and this along with the new iPhone, but supplies could be restricted to prioritize iPhone. As for the iPod nano, Kuo believes that the device will incorporate WiFi and renovated with a larger screen.

productos apple 2012 Cronología sobre el lanzamiento de nuevos productos de Apple para 2012

But let's focus on the iPad. As we can see in the timeline, there are two models of iPad: the new revised iPad and iPad mini. The new iPad optimized has been placed in the second half of September and most sources say could contain hardware changes to reduce battery consumption and increase their autonomy. Hard to believe that Apple wants to launch, just six months later, a new model 9.7 inch tablet, but can not be excluded .

ipad mini Cronología sobre el lanzamiento de nuevos productos de Apple para 2012

Moreover, the situation Kuo launch mini iPad in October . Apparently making mini iPad could have slowed due to the adoption of a panel thinner and lighter, and for this reason, analysts say the iPhone 5 and the iPad mini will be presented at different events.

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We do not know if this calendar will approach Apple finally take, but it seems not unreasonable.

What think you?

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