Wednesday, September 12, 2012

This is the new Apple iPhone 5

It is finally a reality, Apple has unveiled the final design of the new iPhone 5 and, fortunately or unfortunately, it is the same model that so many times we have seen in recent weeks: Made using glass and aluminum with 0, 76 cm thick and 112 g in weight.

The iPhone 5 is the main novelty screen 4 "(1,136 by 640 pixels at 326 p / p), which grows along having regard to the previous models, maintaining the same width. This has made the phone itself, only grow in height while maintaining the same width and be more like 16:9 ratio.

Of course all the applications that come by default, have adapted to the new screen, including desktop, allowing now have up to 5 rows of icons. Applications that are not adapted, will be framed in Letterbox while not actualizen.

Another of his innovations is the new 8-pin connector (called Lightning), being now smaller, effective and reversible. The "downside" is that many of the accessories available today for iPhone, will no longer be compatible and may use some with the use of an adapter.

Inside will be moved to the new A6 chip, which gives a power of 2 times the iPhone 4S, both in speed and graphics, making it also the battery life is better optimized, since the end of the day has to put the new screen of 4 "(but do not expect much improvement over previous models).

Your camera, iSight, remains unchanged from the iPhone 4, but is enhanced with a new Dynamic mode in low light, sapphire crystal and better alignment of the lenses. About the video camera has been improved stabilizer for video recording and now have the option to take photos while recording. The front camera has also been improved, allowing now capture 720p rear backlit.

The iPhone 5 has three microphones, which will allow for higher and clear conversations, thanks to its noise cancellation system and voice recognition.

The new headphones (EarPods) are included with this new model, and will be more durable and comfortable, with a better fit for all ears. It also has improved the sound, preventing his escape and improving their quality.

All this is driven by iOS 6, which will be available to all from next September 19. Besides the features we already knew, we see some new, as the new panoramic shooting mode, but do not know which models will be available .

Some Curiosidade not have commented on the Keynote.

  • It weighs only 112 g, compared with 140 of the iPhone 4S.
  • Nano will use SIM cards as rumored.
  • The iPhone 5 and 4S include panoramic photo mode. The iPhone 4 and earlier do not.
  • Facetime camera (front) of the iPhone 5 has a resolution of 1.2 megapixels, VGA front of the iPhone 4S.

The iPhone 5 will be available in both black and white and will go on sale next week in several countries among which, unfortunately, is not Spain: U.S., UK, Germany, France and Japan among others. Your reservation will begin this Friday 15.

To see it in Spain will have to wait for the second batch: September 28, so it is not so long to wait.

Its price, as is usual with Apple, will remain one year to the next, so one can get an iPhone 5 for $ 199 for the 16GB, $ 299 for the 32GB, $ 399 for the 64GB. The iPhone 4S will remain on sale for $ 99. (Always talking contract prices in the U.S.).

What do you think of this new model? Happy? Disappointed?

We like a lot, but unfortunately we have to say it's nothing revolutionary, but rather a logical evolution to the previous model.

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