Thursday, September 27, 2012

Things certainly did not know about iOS 6

The launch of iOS 6 has been the most controversial in terms of mobile operating systems, we have been able to attend. Many users refuse to install it, thinking that they will lose some of the functions hitherto enjoyed on your iPhone or your iPad.

cosas no conocias ios 6 Cosas que seguramente no sepas de iOS 6

Today we will review some of the features of iOS 6 that may not know. Perhaps, after reading them, stay convinced to install. But maybe not, submit them and find the ultimate reason to continue with your smartphone or tablet as they are.

  • Now we can send predefined message to a person who is calling us, if we can not catch it. It is also possible to create reminders to not pass us call you back.
  • After you set up keyboard shortcuts, using iCloud can transmit them to other devices transparently.
  • Now every touch can save the keyboard language in which we write a message.
  • When we are using an external display to make a presentation or a film, the notification center is automatically disabled.
  • In the search application now appears additional information contact, not just name.
  • We now have more options for privacy when browsing in Safari.
  • Mail now lets you define VIPs, have different signatures, quick access to the drafts, adding attachments within each email and much more.
  • The App Store has undergone a thorough redesign. Besides that, now to update an app we will not enter the password, and the store also will not close when you start downloading something.
  • Through Game Center, we can challenge our friends to pass our score.
  • Now we can design our own patterns of vibration, depending on who is calling us.
  • With increased screen iPhone 5 , folders can hold up to 16 applications.
  • The volume bar when playing music changes depending on the inclination, using accelerometer.

Surely not more than one had some knowledge, does not it?.

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