Tuesday, September 4, 2012

They start to get the Nano SIM stores

Few minutes ago has confirmed what had been an open secret. Next Wednesday September 12 will introduce a new product in a highly anticipated keynote by all. Almost certainly it will be the new iPhone 5 , a terminal is already known about everything.

Well, in this article we will talk about one of the features that are taken for confirmed Apple's new terminal: the presence of a Nano SIM card to identify the user. As most know, this is an item 40% lower than the previous Micro SIM, and the apple company started with just edge it was they who designed the ETSI standard.

 Empiezan a llegar las Nano SIM a las tiendas

The operator T-Mobile, owned by Deutsche Telekom Group, has been the first to begin distributing Nano SIM into their stores. It was made just a couple of months when we found out that some operators were testing this new card with the help of Apple, in order to have everything ready when the iPhone 5 lanzase.

empiezan llegar nano sim tiendas 2 Empiezan a llegar las Nano SIM a las tiendas

In the message attached to these cards, the operator presents these Nano SIM, which they will work on the new generation of smartphones to be released in the near future. Employees should not give them to customers, but soon receive instructions on what to do with them.

In the images that accompany these lines you can find some clues how will these new cards, which supposedly will reduce the thickness of the terminal.

empiezan llegar nano sim tiendas 3 Empiezan a llegar las Nano SIM a las tiendas

Here's a video that shows the feeding tray Nano SIM card slot in the iPhone 5:

Impatient?? In a week we will know in detail what this is all about.

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