Friday, September 14, 2012

They give an iPhone 4S and they say it's the new iPhone: how to react?

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The host Jimmy Kimmel has done it again: has sent their reporters to the streets to collect opinions about the new iPhone. Indeed, the iPhone 5 has not yet gone on sale and evening program reporters have used the iPhone 4S for its survey. The people we interviewed thought they had the iPhone 5 in their hands.

And once again, fall back into the trap: "yes, it's thinner," says one of the victims of cambiazo. "I think it has the biggest screen," says another. In the middle of the video, one person says he "seems to weigh more", while the following confirmed: "Yes, definitely lighter than before."

We may even get to see several people that compare with their iPhone 4 today without realizing that the design is exactly the same.

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