Thursday, September 20, 2012

The uses of Siri in Castilian

Although initially had many detractors, the voice assistant Siri already a year between us and it is increasingly desired by users. Now available in our language, and to celebrate we review briefly some of the characteristics that have actually been translated.

usos siri espanol Los usos de Siri en castellano

Voice calls and Facetime are now available. We can simply say the name of the contact, and we want to ask you which number to call (if there are several). In fact, we can access all contact information, and ask for example when it is your birthday.

Instead of typing text messages or emails, we can write them just talking to Siri. You can imagine the amount of time it saves, especially if in the same sentence you say who it is for. In addition, the voice assistant can show the last thing we have come to the inbox just ask.

Another application is the star of Siri calendar. We ask what events we have scheduled for a particular day, create or modify entries at any time. Thus the Apple virtual assistant acts as our personal assistant. The same applies to the notes, clock, alarms and timers.

We can also consult on the outcome of a football match of the Spanish league, as well as various U.S. sports (NBA, NHL, NFL, MLB). Of course, we may ask you to recommend us movies or restaurants nearby, although we were unable to make the booking in Spain. What's more, Siri allows us to publish in social networks, changing our Facebook status or send a tweet to time.

usos siri espanol 2 Los usos de Siri en castellano

As you can imagine, the map service is greatly benefited from the capabilities of Siri . Just ask him to guide us to an address, and it will calculate the most suitable route. Of course, we can also check the weather or the bag with a few simple questions, naturally.

Finally, we note that we can open an application by saying their name, even though we are currently running another.

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