Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The price of iPhone 5 is free in France from 679 euros

precio iphone5 El precio del iPhone 5 libre en Francia es de 679 euros

A few minutes ago we saw that the price of the iPhone 4S and iPhone 4 in Spain have dropped as a direct result of the launch of the iPhone 5.

In Spain we do not know the price they will have the iPhone 5, but Apple Store Online in France and Germany and you can see that reservations begin at a price of 679 euros, ie 80 euros more than the price that had the iPhone 4S before the VAT hike.

Another reason to decrease the desire to upgrade our terminal by a unit of the iPhone 5. Would you be willing to pay that much money for an iPhone 5? Even selling the 4S, the amount of money you have to invest is significant considering that we are talking about a terminal whose commercial life cycle is 1 year.

Maybe in Spain on iPhone 5 cost 669 euros in its most basic as the price of the iPhone 4S is 10 euros cheaper than in neighboring countries.

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