Sunday, September 2, 2012

The possible advantages of 4 "display video iPhone 5

One of the improvements that would clear the iPhone 5, if the rumors are true we know, would be the expansion of the screen until the 3.99 "(4" to his friends), and in Mac Rumors have posted a video for us see who could bring advantages is new.

These are fairly obvious, and being nothing revolutionary (to deceive) seen in this video is very apparent.

  • Resolution of 1136 x 640.
  • Home screen folders and more icons.
  • Games more panoramic view (with ability to play existing stripes).
  • Movies with a 16:9 format similar to the fringes avoiding seeing the whole picture.
  • Applications with more viewing space (with ability to view current applications with stripes).

Hopefully Apple will soon confirm the keynote presentation of the new iPhone 5 and not later than the 12th of September I keep hearing about, and that is certainly like us, many of you are dying to know what the new phone Apple ...

As a bonus, you leave a video already recorded published yesterday on Twitter, they say, at IFA 2012, where you can see a full Mockup iPhone 5 belonging to a company covers:

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