Monday, September 3, 2012

Screen Shot 2012 09 03 at 9.17.04 PM ¿Bruce Willis demanda a Apple por no permitirle heredar su biblioteca de iTunes? El fake de la semana

The past weekend began circulating online news strange and hard to believe: Samsung Apple had paid the judgment of 1,049 million dollars in coins of 5 cents. An internet portal claimed that several truckloads of exchange had reached the offices of Apple in Cupertino during the weekend. Many fell into the trap.

And for the second straight weekend, we have another one of those absurd news stories that have spread virally across the network. Several British tabloids claimed that actor Bruce Willis was considering suing Apple by not allowing transfer your iTunes library to their daughters in case of death.

One idea that has caused controversy since it is true that when someone dies, you lose your iTunes music library that was acquired over time. Of course, the answer to thousands of users around the world was immediate: "Why do not you let your daughter the login of your PC and iTunes so you can access?" Asked a Twitter user to wife of Bruce Willis. This was quickly denied the news: "It is a true story."

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