Sunday, September 2, 2012

The 'fake' the new iPhone begin to flood the network

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It happens every year: just days before Apple introduces a new iPhone, there are some "cerebrillos" network by taking advantage of the attention that Apple generates to try to 'sneak' occasional assembly. And the same thing is happening this time with the new iPhone. During the weekend we have seen several videos that leave a feeling of utter disbelief.

For example, the video that heads this article was taken at the IFA technology fair and belongs to an Israeli operator, GSM. According to officials of the video, a manufacturer of bags they left this prototype sent by Apple so they could manufacture accessories with the measures of the new iPhone. However, the person who gave suspiciously prototype asked not to be switched.

But this is not the only video montage that we have seen in the last few hours. There is another, well-crafted, but with some pearls: for example, the "prototype of the new iPhone," does not reflect the metal back has been commenting much. Finally, the new iPhone will not ask us what we connect to iTunes to activate it, because since iOS 5.0 is not necessary follow that step.

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