Saturday, September 1, 2012

The new iPhone 5 is thinner than the iPhone 4 or 3GS

It seems incredible, but little by little we know most of the details about the iPhone 5. And the funny thing is that most of them point in the same direction: a larger screen and thinner in the terminal. Or is truthful leaked from factories or distributed is a campaign to misinform the curious. And by now we focus on the former.

About the thickness of the new Apple iPhone ...

It is assumed that through the new in-cell panels , the new connector for data transfer and other changes, the new iPhone 5 will be thinner than ever. How thin? For the latest information suggests that nothing can measure more than 7.6 mm.

iphone 5 mas delgado iphone 4 El nuevo iPhone 5 es más delgado que el iPhone 4 o el 3GS

While there seems a great difference compared to 9.3 mm iPhone 4 (having 1.7 mm of thickness less), in practice it is quite noticeable. There's nothing more to see the photos that accompany this article, to realize that the iPhone 5 is thinner than previous models.

Looking back, it's easy to remember how thin we thought the predecessors of the new iPhone 5 when they left. Losing the 10 mm thick and was quite an achievement, and just a couple of years of that.

iphone 5 mas delgado iphone 4 2 El nuevo iPhone 5 es más delgado que el iPhone 4 o el 3GS

Best of all is that, according to the latest rumors, this thinness is not going to impact performance and the performance of the terminal. On the contrary, it is assumed that the battery will last longer and the LTE terminal to incorporate the maximum data transmission speed.

Imagine the lap that will have given engineers and designers from Apple to get it. Is there looking forward to the September 21 out of doubt? For our part, many.

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