Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The Nano-SIM begin to reach operators

 Las Nano SIM empiezan a llegar a los operadores

Apple remains silent, should do between now and Thursday, but many assume that the presentation of the next model of iPhone will be on September 12 (presentation, no launch).

Meanwhile rumors never stop, and to complete the operators are beginning to receive Nano-SIM, new SIM card smaller than the micro-SIM iPhone 4 and 4S and you are supposed to use the iPhone 5 if we ignore the rumors. Are you ready and in T-Mobile to launch the iPhone? Do you have inside information? We'll know all too soon, a matter of days.

It has advised shops not used yet because they are "for the next generation of smartphones to come", so the water clearer. The truth is that another change of SIM card is also imcompatible with our old phones is a hassle, hopefully leaving soon adapters.

More - Photo Shell iPhone 5 to complete compared to the iPhone 4/3GS

Source - 9to5mac

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