Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The name of iPhone 5 appears early in the Apple website

 El nombre de iPhone 5 aparece antes de tiempo en la web de Apple

The webmaster for Administering the Apple website with new developments have made ​​a small mistake that has revealed many of the secrets that await us this afternoon. If you do not know, you better stop reading.

The search engine of the Apple website returned a number of results that contain this afternoon Apple products. Among them is the iPhone 5 to finally be called New iPhone well and also know that will LTE connectivity.

We have also known that it will introduce a new iPod Touch updated (the features of the iPhone 5 will surely inherit) and a refurbished iPod Nano. All that with the new iTunes update which will reach its version 11. Have you already prepared the bowl of popcorn?

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Source - RedmondPie

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