Saturday, September 15, 2012

The materials of iPhone 5 cost about $ 167

Today we have learned of how the materials are worth bearing the desired iPhone 5. Mind you, we're not saying the price it costs to manufacture Apple, from which might be drawn the profit margins of the company on the block.

We refer simply to the sum of prices of the materials used in the terminal, not including terms as the cost of research, assembly, manufacture, packaging and transport. Analysis is given by the consultant TechInsights, a member of UBM Electronics.

materiales iphone 5 167 dolares Los materiales de un iPhone 5 cuestan unos 167 dólares

Get to the point. According to the above table, the materials that make the iPhone 5 16GB cost about $ 167.50. This is $ 35 more than the same model but the iPhone 4S. Guess what is the most expensive? Yes, it is the new A6 processor, which costs no less than $ 28 per unit.

As many of you know, the most basic model of the iPhone 5 can be purchased for $ 199 with a two-year contract with U.S. carriers. However, the iPhone 4 can be purchased for just $ 99 also maintaining the permanence for two years. It's funny, because it costs $ 132 make it.

materiales iphone 5 167 dolares 2 Los materiales de un iPhone 5 cuestan unos 167 dólares

The screen of the new iPhone 5 does not cost much more than their predecessors. Only $ 18 versus the $ 15 it cost 3.5-inch. Most other items cost almost the same, except the data modem, which costs almost double that of previous models.

Of course, this is only an estimate and will have to wait until more thorough analysis by industry experts. Do not expect much change quantities, so we can add the other items to see what profit margins Apple has with the iPhone 5.

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