Saturday, September 8, 2012

The LTE iPhone 5 would work worldwide

Everyone will remember the controversy that occurred during the year to date on the new LTE iPad. Although Apple's keynote presentation discussed the Long Term Evolution technology as recolucionaria, the fact is that a large percentage of users have been left without tasting because of the poor compatibility with networks worldwide.

Indeed, the LTE bringing the third-generation iPad, only worked in the United States and Canada, leading some users in Europe and Oceania suing Apple for misleading advertising. Demands that won and apple company had to pay compensation.

Well, many rejoice to know that the new iPhone 5 will surely not go well. According to a new report has been leaked, the sixth-generation smartphone from Apple will support all LTE networks that operate worldwide.

iphone 5 lte todo mundo El LTE del iPhone 5 podría funcionar en todo el mundo

Although tencología fourth generation LTE mobile call anywhere, the truth is that they have large differences in performance. For starters, the carrier frequencies change slightly depending on the region. The electronics of the iPad 3 did not have this in mind, but it seems that the iPhone 5 if you will.

It seems that Apple is stepping up to the same thing does not happen again. From the point of view of the market, now no one can complain that I was paying for a technology that did not work (which did happen with the new iPad). In any case, we are only four days to learn the facts about this and other matters.

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