Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The Last Express: graphic adventure on the Orient Express, available tomorrow on the App Store

Jordan Mechner, father of classic games like Prince of Persia, created in 1997, The Last Express, an adventure game that we moved to the Orient Express, the famous train connecting Paris to Constantinople (now Istanbul).

Tomorrow, September 27th, 15 years after its release, The Last Express is published in the App Store. A recommended purchase if you like games of this genre.

In it, we will get into the skin of Robert Cath, an American doctor who received an urgent request from an old friend (Tyler Whitney) to go to the Orient Express.

Accedamos Once we embaucaremos in a spellcasting plot that mixes romance, betrayal and political conspiracy. We'll have to think fast and act even faster to solve the various mysteries and murders that take place on the Orient Express in the days before the First World War.

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