Sunday, September 9, 2012

The iPhone continues to lead the list of user satisfaction

We can measure the success or quality of a smartphone by several factors. For your hardware, operating system, so it takes a user to replace it, .... However, few factors are as interesting as the user satisfaction.

Yesterday we got to know the result of the latest survey by JD Power on what they think of their smartphone users. The main conclusion is that the owners of an iPhone 4S are most happy are the acquisition, leading the table for the eighth consecutive time.

iphone lider satisfaccion usuarios El iPhone sigue liderando la lista de satisfacción de usuario

The study asked more than 8700 users in the United States to give their smartphones score. During the first six months of the year, Apple has managed 849 points of a possible 1000, which places it far ahead of the second option, which incidentally is not Korea's Samsung, but HTC.

The iPhone has gotten good scores on all sections analyzed. However, the creators pondered study different aspects with different weights. For example, the performance of the smartphone counted for a third of the note, while the design or usability assumed just under a quarter of it.

iphone lider satisfaccion usuarios 1 El iPhone sigue liderando la lista de satisfacción de usuario

Samsung, Motorola and Nokia are below average, and LG, RIM and HP quite far from these. Some will say no as the Apple fanboys and that explains the survey, but the truth is that at this point there are many fans of brands on Android and iOS.

It will be very interesting to see what results you get the iPhone 5 , which will be presented next Wednesday. The downside is that we will probably have to wait for Christmas to see how it has been rated the latest smartphone from Apple.

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