Saturday, September 8, 2012

The iPhone 5 will not bring noise reduction technology

If you tried Siri, will agree that it does not work well when used in noisy or windy. In case you did not know either, for many months was rumored that the reason why the iOS virtual assistant only work on the iPhone 4S, was that it used a noise reduction technology.

This technology is called EarSmart, and processing power needed such that only worked on Apple's latest smartphone. His job would be to separate the voice from background noise, allowing Siri interpret user commands correctly.

iphone 5 no reduccion ruido 0 El iPhone 5 no traerá tecnología de reducción de ruido

Well, in a recent press release of Audience, the company that designs digital processing algorithms of the voice, it hints at its technology EarSmart not fit into the plans of the next iPhone 5 .

They said they have not received any notification from Apple or its partners about plans to include in its next EarSmart smartphones. Does this mean that the apple company is designing its own noise reduction technology?

iphone 5 no reduccion ruido El iPhone 5 no traerá tecnología de reducción de ruido

On the other hand, what do you think about Audience? Apple is one of its largest customers, and they can lose if they fail to use the technology in their products. Their CEO is disappointed and worried, but hope to diversify its client base to continue to grow without relying on apple company.

The poor have also had to face another loss, of its market value after this announcement. Specifically, there is talk of up to a 40% reduction in its share price. Hopefully the end of this relationship assume that Apple has found a way to develop a technology that works even better.

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