Friday, September 14, 2012

The iPhone 5 will be sent to buyers in two or three weeks

Many predicted a monumental bump for Apple, but nothing is further from the truth. Today we learned that reservations to be made ​​with the new Apple smartphone have been exhausted in less than an hour.

This means that the iPhone 5 will become the most successful product sales in the history of Apple. Not surprisingly, those users in the United States which have not made your reservation, you will have to wait a couple of weeks from now so that they reach the coveted home terminal.

In fact, for some models and regions, the space goes up to three weeks. Not even an hour has passed since the opening of the call option, and it could be the sign of delay instead of immediately shipping. It took a day for it to happen the same with the iPhone 4, the previous model.

iphone 5 tres semanas El iPhone 5 se enviará a los compradores en dos o tres semanas

In the UK the thing look good either. For example, if you want the 32GB model in black, we will have to wait three weeks to see it in our hands. And hopefully these waiting times continue to increase as growing anticipation for the iPhone 5.

Thus, anyone who wants to have the desired smartphone on launch day, must stand in line all night in your local store. In a few days we will see the images of U.S. fans at the doors of the Apple Store, and still have to spend another week to look at the same images in the Spanish stores.

What about you? Have you booked your iPhone 5?

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