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The iPhone 5 will be as we have seen in the leaks

detalles iPhone 5 650x365 El iPhone 5 será como hemos visto en las filtraciones

What will the new iPhone finally?

We have seen in recent months many leaks of parts and assemblies of the iPhone 5, which will have accurate representations confirmation when Apple will present the September 12, 2012. Almost identical in design to the iPhone 4 and 4S, the major visible differences include a screen 4 inches with a 16:9 aspect ratio, a rear two-tone metal, a smaller dock connector and a transfer of 3.5mm at the bottom.

Apple at least had a prototype 3.5-inch and 4-inch iPhone ready for 2012. ILounge reported as one of the prototypes of 4 inches in May. IMore also learned that Apple, in July 2012, could have not decided what to put into production prototype. In late July, also from iMore, dilucidaban since September 12 as the filing date of the iPhone 5. It has also confirmed that the release date will be September 21, the second wave around October 5.

All this information comes from reliable sources. While nothing is confirmed until Apple comes out on stage, based on the reports and leaks, the current data seem very likely.

There is much to talk about, so let's summarize. In late February we saw the dock connector of the iPhone 5 could be smaller than the current one. In late March we talked about the possibility that the iPhone 5 will include LTE. In early May, we learned that Apple wanted to remove the applications from Google's iPhone and iOS. In late May, 9to5Mac published images of the new case for the iPhone 5. In late July, many of the elements came together in some leaked images and even a video. Even at the end of August we saw a video of a fully assembled iPhone 5 appeared at IFA 2012.

Conspiracy theories have suggested that Apple could have leaked prototype parts and deliberately to create buzz for the submission of September 12. If this were true, Apple would be spending a lot of time, effort and money to do a large scale. It seems strange that Apple wasted precious time with so much to do in the actual product.

detalles iPhone 5 2 650x365 El iPhone 5 será como hemos visto en las filtraciones

Like last year when he tried to help set expectations before the event the iPhone 4S, Apple prefers maybe everyone from 12 September at the event with their expectations about the iPhone 5 already established with that seen to date.

If anyone thinks that Apple could use a similar design to the iPhone 4, 2010, look no further than the prototype Purple 2005. This prototype could be the Platonic idea of ​​how it should be a phone to Apple.

The design of the iPhone does not go with the fashions. Jonathan Ive has said repeatedly that it is functional. It's an icon. It is a piece of industrial design that could be in any museum. It is one of the best views in a mobile fabrications, and looks as good today as it looked in 2005 and 2010. Apple does not try to make the phone more fashion market. Apple is concerned only do the best phone.

Add a bigger screen, a metal back and shave a few millimeters micro current iPhone design, are not sufficient to say that the iPhone 5 is not exactly what Apple has already done.

In a week we'll know for sure.

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