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The iPhone 5 looks competitive in the first Geekbench tests

potencia iphone 5 El iPhone 5 parece competitivo en las primeras pruebas de Geekbench

The iPhone 5 suggests ways

After detailed analysis of AnandTech , which stated that the A6 chip inside the iPhone 5 is composed of a ARMv7 designed by Apple rather than a core Cortex-A15, someone has posted a first test of the iPhone 5 in Geekbench.

The phone will hit stores in some countries next Friday September 21, so there is no way to verify the authenticity of these tests. The alleged iPhone 5 has obtained in Geekbench score of 1601.

The test shows an ARMv7 processor design with two cores at 1.02 GHz each, with 32 KB of L1 cache, 1 MB L2 cache and 1 GB of RAM.

John Poole, of PrimateLabs, analyzed the results and found that the average score of the iPhone 4S is 629 and the score for the iPad 3 is 766.

In other words, the A6's iPhone 5 would more than double the Geekbench score in the iPad 3, and it would be two and half times faster than the iPhone 4S.

iPhone 5 Geekbench 629x650 El iPhone 5 parece competitivo en las primeras pruebas de Geekbench

Some part of this speed gain would come from doubling the amount of RAM, as this allows for smoother multitasking and faster overall performance. As mentioned, the iPhone 5 seems to be having 1 GB of RAM, while the iPhone 4 has 512 MB.

On the other hand, RAM riding the A6 processor is twice as fast, from the 533 MHz of the RAM that carries the iPhone 4S to 1066 MHz RAM that carries the A6 chip mounting the iPhone 5.

analisis anandtech velocidad memoria iphone 650x402 El iPhone 5 parece competitivo en las primeras pruebas de Geekbench

AnandTech itself explains the benefits of a faster memory clock:

"The iPhone 5 has about 33% more bandwidth than the iPhone 4S, you can certainly help fuel a faster GPU and control the higher resolution screen.

Many vendors have supplied Apple LPDDR2-1066, so this is no surprise. The bandwidth is understandably smaller than the iPad 3, as the requirements of the GPU's iPhone are not as high. "

Another factor is the processor clock speed: iPhone 4S CPU runs at a speed of 800 MHz and the iPhone 5 runs at 1.02 GHz, a difference quite remarkable.

Finally, instead of using ARM Cortex-A15 cores, Apple has decided to optimize their own ARMv7 platform. Recall that while Apple bought Intrinsity, a private company that was dedicated to semiconductors.

potencia iphone 5 keynote El iPhone 5 parece competitivo en las primeras pruebas de Geekbench

Intrinsity's specialty is designing high performance microprocessors with fewer transistors and low power consumption. Apple bought the company for the talent of its engineers, so the team Intrinsity joining the semiconductor unit from Apple to help the company achieve a custom-designed processors for the iPhone, iPad and iPod.

The A6 chip is 22% smaller than the A5, consumes less power and is likely to be compatible with the new instruction set ARMv7s, with support for SIMD Extensions VFPv4.

From 9to5Mac we get some interesting observations:

"There is no iOS device that has passed a score of 800 on the Geekbench, so 1601 points in a significant jump. Until 2004, the most powerful computer Apple's Power Mac G5, only got a score of 1571.

Think about it. "

And here's a comparison of the results in the previous Geekbench for iOS devices.

iPhone5 Geekbench dispositivos iOS 650x471 El iPhone 5 parece competitivo en las primeras pruebas de Geekbench

And here are the results obtained by other devices that are not Apple.

iPhone5 Geekbench otros dispositivos 650x519 El iPhone 5 parece competitivo en las primeras pruebas de Geekbench

As you can see, the Google Nexus 7 with its quad-core processor Nvidia Tegra 3, has a score of 1591 points, unless the iPhone 5. As for the Samsung Galaxy S III, which has a quad-core Exynos chip, with a result of 1560.

Each day that passes more it seems that Apple wants to become, along with everything already done, in a semiconductor company.

What do you think?

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