Monday, September 24, 2012

The iPhone 5 is much more prone to scratches than the 4/4S

After the departure of the iPhone 5 Internet has been flooded with articles and videos on many of its features. While we can delight with unboxings and reviews, there are also people who submitted the phone to durability testing, as pulling down iPhones to check their resilience to shocks.

As for the resistance, it is noteworthy that the front of the phone is much stronger than previous models. The aluminum housing offers more resistance to glass to break, unlike the 4 or 4S, a bad fall could cause the screen is literally bankrupt.

Instead, he is discovering that the iPhone 5 (see the video that accompanies this post) suffers more damage from scratches from keys or coins.

Specifically this is emphasized more in the black iPhone, because if we carry it in your pocket with keys, scratches will make the black dye is lost housing and white stripes reflected both in the back and on the edge phone.

Test of falls between iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy SIII

This also occurs in the white model, however, is the black where more acute because the color does not hide much and can leave us a pretty ugly aesthetically iPhone.

Although it all depends on how careful we are with the phone, especially my iPhones have always used with a transparent adhesive film on the back, precisely to avoid the deterioration of the housing to support it on any surface.

Still, the iPhone remains my favorite black when buying the iPhone 5, however, there can always be an oversight and the fact that it can be thought as aesthetically ugly makes me reconsider buying the white model.

Note : Videos of this article may offend the sensibilities of those whose hobby keep your iPhone in pristine condition (including me) :)

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