Saturday, September 15, 2012

The iPhone 5 does not convince Chinese users, according to a poll on Weibo

According to a survey conducted in the largest social network in China, 80% of Chinese would not buy the new iPhone, while the remaining 20% would. A surprising fact considering that the opposite is often the case, and the case of China, one of the venues where they make the iPhone.

Some of the comments recorded in social networks have captured the disappointment by some users to wait for more news and surprises in the new device, and the intention to buy the iPhone 4 S once presented the iPhone 5.

However, despite the above comments and the "discontent" shown, most Chinese sales page online - Taobao - did not hesitate to provide a reservation system to acquire the new iPhone when it goes on sale later this month . Price? Approximately about 6000 yuan, a price about $ 158 more expensive than determined by Apple.


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