Sunday, September 2, 2012

The iPhone 5 could incorporate redesigned headphones

nuevos auriculares iphone 5 El iPhone 5 podría incorporar unos auriculares rediseñados

Redesign? Headphones for the new iPhone?

From what we know, or at least we think we know, the iPhone 5 will come loaded with changes and improvements: new dock, new design of the rear, new screen and new processor.

We now know that the phone may not be all that comes with the new iPhone renewed. A video appeared on the internet claiming that the headphones that come with the iPhone have changed design. The video was posted Vietnamese site:

We leave then extract audio from video translated:

"In my hands I have the new headphones for the iPhone 5, which is about to leave, along with the new generation of Apple's iPod. These headphones will replace those currently on the market. They are manufactured in the factory in Vietnam Co Phax. They have a much smaller profile and seem to have an integrated design, characteristic of almost all Apple products. Here I have to compare old headphones. The new ones are much smaller and do not do any harm in using them. "

Obviously there is no way to confirm the legitimacy of the video or headphones, but there are some things worth noting. On the one hand, in the headphone cable reads: "Designed by Apple in California, Assembled in Vietnam.". Apple has already used Vietnamese factories to make their headsets in the past.

And their description in the video say "have a form of a fully integrated unit, as usual Apple", coinciding with an Apple patent was discovered in April this year. Here you can see an excerpt from this patent:

"The headset" seamless "can be welded by ultrasonic welding such that the weldment produce an unpolished. A portion of the welded structure can be rough cut to a predetermined size, sanding, polishing and cleaning to provide a continuous polished headset. "

Combining these with the story published by Tinhte, and considering that the launch of the iPhone 5 is imminent, it is likely that these headphones are real. And frankly, we hope so. If you have ever used the Apple headphones, you already know that not always sound good and they do not always fit properly. We'll know in a couple weeks .

What do you think? Do you like the current headphones?.

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