Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The iPhone 5 brings Minidock

 El iPhone 5 trae minidock

Another filtration fulfilling ending (and watching the path of the keynote, and will happen to all). The iPhone 5 debuts mini dock named Lighting. MagSafe is reversible as the MacBook to what we connect in any orientation.

Indeed there will be an adapter for old accessories can still be used with the iPhone 5. Apple has reduced by 80% the size of the connector, a significant saving of space to get a device as thin as possible.

Since there are many brands working to adapt its docks and support the new version of sa dock. Hopefully you have solutions for both users and do not close the doors on the market all that we update to the new version of the Apple phone.

It seems that this Minidock not compatible with standard microUSB so there will be no adapters.

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