Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The iPhone 4S now costs 569 euros

iphone4s El iPhone 4S ahora cuesta 569 euros

As has been happening for several years, each time Apple releases new iPhone, the previous low price. So far, the strategy was to lower it 100 euros reducing its capacity to 8GB but with the release of the iPhone 5, things have changed.

The price of iPhone 5 free still do not know but what I do know is the new price that has the iPhone 4S. Before the rise in VAT to 21%, the price was 599 euros but after the tax increase, up to 614 euros.

If we now enter the Apple Store online will see that the price of the terminal has dropped to 569 euros, ie only 45 euros. In return we have 16GB of memory instead of the usual 8GB. The iPhone 4 with 8GB capacity, is available for 389 euros.

Now I have doubts that it will cost money the iPhone 5 Free. It cost only 45 euros more than the iPhone 4S or the difference will be greater and will rise to 669 euros? Of course this does not confirm that that is the price of iPhone 5 free.

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