Thursday, September 20, 2012

The iPad Mini could cost more than you expect

In what remains of the year, Apple could spring a surprise with a new device. These would be the iPad Mini , a device that has been talked about for a long time, but only now have had rumors of weight to trust their existence.

Well, what if this new tablet could not compete on price with other 7-inch tablet? Recall that both the Amazon Kindle Fire as the Google Nexus 7 have a competitive price of 199 €.

ipad mini mas caro 1 El iPad Mini podría costar más de lo que esperamos

If Apple pulls a 7.85-inch iPad Mini, is expected to include some of the latest technologies that have been filed with the iPhone 5. For example, the fabulous front and rear cameras, a powerful processor and a large screen with pixel density.

However, all these features, which fit perfectly into a high-end device, it may not come in one set price. The possible reason is that the iPad Mini would cost components, regardless of transport, distribution and investment in R & D, over 150 € alone .

ipad mini mas caro 2 El iPad Mini podría costar más de lo que esperamos

Given that Apple usually seeks profit margins above 40%, this would make the iPad Mini cost around € 300, a far cry from its competitors (although such a device would exceed the competition in performance).

The question now is will reduce the apple company tablet characteristics of 7.85 inches, to set the price around 200 €?. Or rather, you be offering a product of more than 300 €, but with higher quality components?

The decision is not easy for Apple, but all reports indicate that we will leave doubts in the coming months.

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