Monday, September 24, 2012

The feature that is missing from photo sharing to make it perfect Streaming

As you know, Share Photo Stream is one of the new features found in iOS 6. With it, we can use a photo album to share with the contacts we want our images, giving a social character to be able to write comments or give the classic "like".

Its operation is very simple: a service activated in Settings (iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch, or on your Mac in iPhoto or Aperture), we can create an album where assign email addresses (Apple ID) of contacts with we want to share with.

Unlike submitted Photo Stream iOS 5, the photos we put in these albums have not shared limiting than 1,000 photos, and will be deleted after 30 days, so that we can have a virtual album (without sharing with anyone) to store our photos, nor take up space in our iCloud account.

This service is perfect for a family or group of friends with iOS devices, and the photos that we put on that album will appear instantly in the other contacts we have established. Still, we believe it is a service designed to put many people in a scrapbook, as our terminal can be a hotbed of notifications every time someone mentions a photo.

However, service is almost perfect. Why? Because the creator of the album is the only one who can put photos, not so for the other components, which can only access the photos and, if necessary, keep them on the reel.

We believe it is a feature that will eventually implemented in some future update of iOS, since it makes no sense that everyone in the group believes its own album to share photos among different members.

If you have Mac, iPhoto or Aperture because you will also have access to view the photos and comments, as well as in the library of images if you have a PC, or viewing on the Apple TV.

Finally, you also have the possibility of a public character to share an album, generating a web address that we can share publicly and will allow viewing of photos via web browser.

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