Friday, September 14, 2012

The experience at the time of booking the iPhone 5

reserva iPhone 5 La experiencia a la hora de reservar el iPhone 5

Again, it has happened again. Last midnight began booking the iPhone 5 in several countries, including the United States. Since yesterday afternoon, the websites of Apple and AT & T operator is preparing for the big time closing their online stores to prepare for the arrival of the new iPhone.

However, although both sites have closed all afternoon to prepare for the arrival of millions of users, reservation systems fail again again. This time, Apple had prepared a trump card for the customer:

"Currently we can not connect to the databases of the operators, but we have an iPhone for you. This is your reservation code ".

Apple assigned a reservation number to all those who managed to be the first to book the terminal, but they encountered problems continue to browse databases because the operators were overwhelmed. Then the user received an email from Apple advising that he could proceed with your booking final ship date September 21. However, at the end of the book, on the web and figured that the iPhone 5 would take two weeks to arrive.

Something similar happened in the web of AT & T. It was impossible to continue the booking process: after several attempts, finally allowed the user r eservar your phone, this time, with arrival on the day of release.

No matter how prepared you may be Apple and AT & T, the customer always cause avalanche falls on servers. The iPhone 5 becomes, then, to become a success for Apple. Analysts were not so misguided when he claimed that the iPhone 5 would sell 10 million units during its first month.

In Spain it is still not known but this time it will reserve the iPhone 5.

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