Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The eternal dilemma: Change or not iPhone

Well iPhoneros waiting is over, well almost, and the new iPhone 5 is between us, and as the removal of the new iPhone's expectation and many reviews of it. But something does not change is the eternal question should I change my iPhone for the latest model? and unless you suffer from versionitis as @ Odysseus I always wonder whether or not it is worth making the switch.

Then I will give my opinion and observations that have come in intense talks in twitter, not the rule, or anything similar, is just my opinion and judgment that I hope will help your decision.

If you own an iPhone EDGE/3G/3GS
What do you get for the change?
If you change from these models will gain many things that do not have your current iPhone, first a rate that can range from 5 times to 8 times faster than your current iPhone, a retina display that enjoyed your eyes, more screen space, turn by turn navigation, personal assistant, front camera for video conferencing, FaceTime on the mobile data network and a better camera.

In my opinion if you are a user of any of these models, the decision is quite simple, if you have the resource changes for iPhone 5 without thinking

If you own an iPhone 4
What do you get for the change?
You get more velcidad, more screen space, better front and rear camera, SIRI, navigation maps flyover and turn by turn, facetieme in mobile data network.

If you have an iPhone 4, like me, for sure your contract has expired or is about to expire, and switch to the iPhone 5 sounds about right, the iPhone 4 and lived two years and can live a 3rd but I think if we're missing things gives the new model, and we know that this new iPhone can easily last another 2 years to make the change by the iPhone 6

If you own an iPhone 4S
What do you get for the change?
You get more velcidad 2x more screen space and better front camera.

This is where the making or not the change is a very personal decision, really do not win as much as in the other models, iOS 6 no capo to any of your new iPhone 4S, and if for you to get a better front camera and space the screen is enough to change, does not object to anything.

Other Considerations
The above points are the "core" can come after these thousands of points that can list or not to change, not mention all it is not all, are some I've seen on twitter and others that can be important.

Using mobile data
If you are the sector that uses your iPhone only when you have a WiFi network, not much or no mobile internet, maybe your best option is a 5th generation iPod Touch, it has no case be paying a monthly rent of internet, lower than That is, if you do not use, better save yourself some money and buy an iPod Touch that provides everything the iPhone 5 but at lower cost and no phone.

LTE Network
Rivers have drained digital ink on the new network that supports the iPhone 5 and the inability, so far, of any company in Mexico that the offer you, for some this is enough to doubt change your iPhone or not, and it's like owning a race car to walk the streets so beautiful and partners in Mexico, ie you will not get the most out of what you offer and will pay the phone for something that can not be used. This is great because we see something very similar happened with the iPhone 3G, which implemented a network that was not 100% complete (and which currently fails a lot) so something similar could happen with the new LTE network.

Change to 4S and not 5
It is no secret that when a new model comes out of the iPhone, all other change of price, the iPhone 4 now will give you free, even if you do not sell the 3GS and the 4S will be able to offer you everything iOS 6 at a lower price, which is not a bad idea if you can not afford or do not completely fill the iPhone 5

This point is not what I wanted to try to finish it for me is the most obvious, if we do not have the ability to pay the cost of the new phone and when you are going through a rough patch, believe that the iPhone model change is the last thing I think.

In the end these are my views, and nowhere are the final, the last word belongs to each of us, because it is possible that a few others (I hope at least) to consider changing one phone brand that use a robot green or blue windows, so feel free and give their tithe to whom they see fit

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