Saturday, September 22, 2012

The cameras of the iPhone 5 remains courtesy of Sony and Omnivision

 Las cámaras del iPhone 5 sigue siendo cortesía de Sony y Omnivision

Apple Secrecy reveal when riding their components iOS devices makes certain companies engaged in discovering all the secrets surrounding the Apple terminal.

One of these secrets is the camera of the iPhone 5 specifications that we have seen that it is identical to the 4S. A study on infrared cameras also revealed that suppliers of front and rear camera, like last year, are Sony and Omnivision.

Sony is responsible for making the wearing 8Mpx sensor rear camera. In the case of the front camera yes no evolution with respect to the iPhone 4S Omnivision and here is that the sensor provides 1.2 Mpx allowing video calls to maintain 720P.

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Source - 9to5Mac

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