Sunday, September 2, 2012

The Apple Recycling Program: a good option to sell your iPhone

Screen Shot 2012 08 31 at 12.58.02 PM El Programa de Reciclaje de Apple: una buena opción para vender tu iPhone

If you are thinking of selling your current iPhone to grab the new iPhone and do not like options like the eBay website, then Apple gives you the solution. Now you can be part of the recycling program that Apple makes available on its website. Through it, we can get a good deal for our smartphone.

After answering a series of questions in the web form, which is assessed if your iPhone has suffered some kind of stroke, scratch or exposure to water, Apple passes directly assess how much better our device. Yes, the program seems to leave out free iPhones models, so in this case does not make use of the Recycling Program .

If your iPhone is in good condition, you can get a card to be redeemed at Apple's online store. A good way to buy the next iPhone, no doubt.

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Source- Apple Recycling Program

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