Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The Apple marketing VP downplays problems with aluminum iPhone 5

Screen Shot 2012 09 25 at 6.31.51 PM El vicepresidente de marketing de Apple resta importancia a los problemas con el aluminio del iPhone 5

Since the launch of iPhone 5 on Friday, a few users have complained that their phones were black in color verging easily and even, in some cases, the metal back of the phone was deteriorating rapidly. From Apple, Phil Schiller, vice president of marketing, has spoken about responding to e-mail from a customer concerned about this issue.

The customer asks if Apple will assume Schiller repairing these defective iPhones. However, this wear Schiller considered "normal use":


Any aluminum product or descorchar√° scratch using, exposing their metallic original color. This is normal.

Phil ".

A response that does not meet the requirements of users affected. It is logical that the metal surface can wear your phone in less than seven days of use.

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Source- 9to5Mac

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