Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The adapter 30-pin dock costs 29 euros to Lighting

adaptador lighintg El adaptador de dock de 30 pines a Lighting cuesta 29 euros

We are slowly confirming the few details that we lacked to know about the new iPhone 5 and the entire ecosystem that has created around you.

I've been able to see your sense of disappointment so I'll fan it a little price reporting that e l old adapter to 30-pin dock Lighting (the name of the new connector), costs a whopping $ 29.

No pack of three units or anything like that. $ 29 is the price of an adapter unit so if you have several accessories distributed at different levels or in the car, doing accounts or go buy one and bring it in your pocket .

Honestly, the worst change that Apple has been able to make in the face of users and manufacturers. We will see that this new measure brings implications for all customers who decide to take the plunge and buy the iPod Touch 5G or iPhone 5.

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