Tuesday, September 4, 2012

T-Mobile is preparing a response to the iPhone 5

t mobile iphone T Mobile prepara una respuesta al iPhone 5

T-Mobile and Apple's iPhone

T-Mobile USA is the third largest telecommunications company in the United States, and the only major U.S. company that has in its offer Apple's iPhone. In theory, as we saw, it seemed that T-Mobile was going to try to counter sales of the new iPhone when it makes an appearance, supposedly, on September 21.

Well today has appeared in information that says the company is launching a mysterious plan "Response iPhone - Phase 2" scheduled from 21 September to 1 October. This information supports what analyst Craig Moffett pointed, Sanford C. Bermstein, just over a month.

David Beren writes in TmoNews, unofficial blog of T-Mobile:

"Unfortunately we have no idea of which is phase 1 or when carried out, so that our information on the" Phase 2 "is even more limited.

More importantly, we can not believe that no one sees that T-Mobile is preparing its participants for not selling the product and preparing a plan of "response", and still believe that T-Mobile will be announced as the last of the four national operators partner with Apple. "

The news is based on the picture you can see just below, picture that shows that the company is preparing its "response to the iPhone - Phase 2" dated from 21 September to 1 October.

respuesta iphone T Mobile T Mobile prepara una respuesta al iPhone 5

The story comes on the heels of yesterday's report, also from TmoNews, which said that T-Mobile was about to launch "Bring your iPhone to T-Mobile", a campaign to try to attract customers Free iPhone have the company.

Despite having bought more than necessary AWS spectrum to Verizon and they tried their service for the iPhone at WWDC, Deutsche Telekom, owner of T-Mobile is still the only major telecommunications company in the United States has not iPhone.

T-Mobile, despite not sell the iPhone, if you see a good deal on unlocked iPhone users even offer support to unlock. For example, since August 29 are offering kits compatible with Micro SIM free iPhone to use its 3G network.

An engineer at T-Mobile USA confirmed last month that Apple's iPhone is "an important part of the modernization project" of its network, adding that "once implemented, the iPhone will work on U1900 at speeds much higher" .

Starting Wednesday, T-mobile will begin offering new unlimited data plans without chokes, unlike rivals AT & T and Verizon have recently changed to shared data plans. These plans work in conjunction with 4G speeds, which in terms of T-Mobile HSPA + corresponds to 3G.

Unfortunately, T-Mobile lags behind AT & T, Verizon and Sprint in deploying 4G LTE network. That said, the costly infrastructure updates are only half the problem. Apparently, T-Mobile company is still looking to reach an agreement with Apple.

As you know, doing business with the Cupertino requires companies to commit to pay thousands of dollars in upfront payments, a risk that Deutsche Telekom is unwilling to take, especially considering its financial problems and the failed merger with AT & T.

Time will tell if T-Mobile will have the iPhone 5 this year or will have to wait until 2013.

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