Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Summary 2012 numbers Apple

Apple released just minutes ago the iPhone 5 , but before that has been kind enough to show some of the spectacular details of its stores, devices and programs.

As usual, Tim Cook handled emcee exercise and gave a brief review of the figures that is so proud. In this article we will review some of the most interesting.

cifras apple 2012 Resumen nĂºmeros Apple 2012

  • This Friday will open an Apple Store in a country that had not. Will the number 13 on the list.
  • 83 million people visited the stores during the last year.
  • Have been downloaded 7 million copies of Mountain Lion, the new operating system for Mac
  • Apple laptops are at the top of the ranking in market share in the United States. In July, had 27% of the total.
  • In the last quarter, it sold as many as 17 million iPad. In fact, iPad has sold more than any other model in the history of PC. A total of 84 million, taking into account that it is a device category that did not exist two years.
  • Last year, the iPad had 62% of the tablet market share. He now has 68%, which means that it has grown remarkably. And that competition has taken literally hundreds of models.
  • The iPad accounts for 91% of web traffic coming from tablets. The other manufacturers do not know what to do.
  • Almost all members of the Fortune 500 use the iPad.
  • In the App Store and more than 700,000 apps, 250,000 of which have been designed specifically for the iPad. 90% of them is discharged at least once a month.
  • The average user has about 100 applications installed.
  • We have sold 400 million iOS devices.

As always, Apple strikes again with spectacular data.

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