Saturday, September 8, 2012

Star Walk for iPad: a good way to see the stars

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If that is not expected anything these days, however, between rumor and forward both to the output of the new range of our beloved iPhone, I bring you a short review about this app.

The app has recently received an update that slightly change the way you use, management retains that has become famous for the use of the gyroscope, this app lets you according to your location (latitude and longitude) can see the stars you're watching in the sky and that no contamination once

To activate this mode you must turn your iPad and move it to detect motion and East sky as your position.

Another thing feature is the use of the front camera to make use of augmented reality and overlay the camera image with the app, very useful to find constellations shape those who refuse.

It also has a search engine, which allows you to find constellations, stars, satellites by name, guides you to where you are about your position.

Do not forget that you can not always spin like crazy to see the stars, so you can slide your finger to navigate the sky without moving your iPad

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These days if you can not presume sharing something on Facebook or Twitter are not in fashion, so in this latest update integrated power sharing the sky you're seeing in these social networks, making the log-in for.

In this same tab incorporate the option to print the image you're currently viewing, or save it on the reel

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Other features

It features an image gallery of the day that are updated, plus a night mode for less tiring sight seeing very pro or when the app boast.

In short it is a good app, supports portrait and landscape mode and although not universal, his little sister for the iPhone is also a good app.

You can find it in the App Store in the amount of $ 60 pesos

Special thanks to @ Odysseus

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