Saturday, September 8, 2012

Spectacular new images of the upcoming Apple Campus

Surely you have heard about the project that Apple has in mind with its headquarters in Cupertino: move most of its employees to a new building located in a green area near the present site. Here is a photo of the project:

The building, a real spaceship circular, would complement existing laboratories and facilities, would have large green spaces, outdoor walking areas, laboratory tests and studies, and even have its own hall (with two entries: one Home for the press and other "underground" and secret that new product introductions are not leaked to the outside.

Steve Jobs already met in the past with the mayor of Cupertino and he gave the go ahead for the construction of the building, which appears incredible futurism.

The guys at 9to5mac bring us new images (still fictional) of what will be the next Apple mothership. You have more photos in this link .

While Apple wants to start construction right now, the completion date and opening not arise beyond 2015.

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