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Slate or black and white and silver What color iPhone 5 choose?

iphone 5 darth vader Negro y Pizarra o Blanco y Plata, ¿Qué color de iPhone 5 elegirás?

This year, as in recent years, one of the most important decisions you have to make when buying a iPhone 5 is the color to choose. Unlike the new iPod, the iPhone 5 is still the color of two things, black and white. But this year, it is also a matter of tone, with a metal back plate against the back glass of the iPhone 4. And for the black version, with an anodized aluminum as dark as crystal.

Technically, Apple calls the two options of the iPhone 5 as Slate and Black-White-Silver. So, while still having only two colors to choose from, the iPhone 5 is more different than ever in this aspect.

Is the iPhone 5 Black & Silver more annoying?

iphone 5 blanco plata 621x350 Negro y Pizarra o Blanco y Plata, ¿Qué color de iPhone 5 elegirás?

TVs usually are black for a reason, when you're watching a show or movie, or playing a game, you want the TV disappears so you can enjoy what you're doing without realizing the great color edge have around, hence the current trend is making TV sets with the lowest possible setting.

The same can apply to the iPhone 5. Some people find that the white faceplate is very annoying when you are watching videos or games, and others simply do not like the contrast between black and soft edge of the screen when the device is off.

A white edge others do not mind at all and I really like the iPhone has two different tones when off. This year, however, we also need to consider other things. Until upgrade to the new screen, these are executed with black bars on the sides. In a black iPhone 5 will not be noticed this too, but in a white iPhone 5 ...

I have a black iPhone 4S and an iPhone 4 in white and have never been distracted or disturbed the color of any of them. But if you're a white iPhone that distracts your attention, you might like to buy the iPhone 5, Black-Slate.

Will the iPhone 5 White and Silver discolored?

iphone 5 blanco plata 2 622x350 Negro y Pizarra o Blanco y Plata, ¿Qué color de iPhone 5 elegirás?

It has long been rumored that Apple delayed the release of the white iPhone 4 in order to improve the UV protection and prevent discoloration. However this is only a rumor. The iPhone 4 has been on the market for over a year and a half and there have been widespread complaints of discoloration, and my own iPhone 4 white is as white as the first day I bought it.

If you like the white and silver, yet this should not be a reason you decided to change your mind.

Does it look more iPhone 5 Black and Slate?

iphone 5 negro pizarra 622x350 Negro y Pizarra o Blanco y Plata, ¿Qué color de iPhone 5 elegirás?

The black is almost always the most popular color for electronics and electronic accessories. That's why it is so common. So it is not surprising that the iPhone 5 Black and Slate continues to be surprised. That said, some people love the look of a white phone, whether iPhone, Blackberry, Android or any other. Even white can give an air of exclusivity to be less common.

What about the two-tone anodized aluminum of the iPhone 5?

It would be very difficult, if not impossible, glass and aluminum mix and get back absolutely transparent. So Apple has opted for the two tones, one Black and one White-Slate-Silver.

In the end, you have to buy the one you like. If white and silver distracts you with its bright colors may prefer the black. To me, personally, I like both.

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