Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Should I change the external design of iPad Mini?

In recent weeks we have seen on the net on many Mockups iPhone 5 or iPad Mini. already teach you one of Apple's next smartphone , and this article focuses on teaching rather than one iPad Mini, to think if I could have a different external design with your own iPad 2 or iPad New.

Apple, in each new generation gap a product like the iPhone or iPad, has always been a change in its external design, which "differentiate" a new product before.

Many are those who think that the iPhone 5 will be called New iPhone, as it did with the iPad. I honestly do not think that's so. Why? The iPhone 3GS iPhone 3G was an improvement, as it was the iPhone 4 vs 4. The addition of the "S" would result in bad liking for general consumers if the New iPad 2S iPad had been called.

The retina display New iPad is its main asset in terms of improvements, but did not bring any new external design, and I think Apple decided to put its name on everything we know before calling iPad 3, because, frankly, does not deserve a change of generation improving screen without changing its external design.

The iPad Mini would enter into direct competition with the classics such as Kindle eBooks. It would be a cheap product for those seeking the convenience of a larger screen and with fewer benefits without spending the money would entail an iPad.

It is for that reason that Apple should not completely change the design, or it "revolutionary." A change in its external appearance would lead to the next generation of the iPad is more similar to that had the iPad Mini, which would take away the "wow" that we tell ourselves to see the future of the iPad Keynote 3 (or 4, or 4th Generation).

In contrast, if I see feasible design change the Dock. It will bring the next iPhone, will hundreds of adapters for sale on the Internet, and if Apple changes the iPhone dock connector size, will both Mini iPad or iPod Touch and iPod Nano.

Apple seeks in each new product an appealing factor and different. The external design is the first thing you look at a product, and a change in the size of the iPad is more than enough to differentiate it from the rest of eBooks and low price tablets attract buyers.

"Look! A smaller, cheaper iPad "is what many people say to find this product in stores.'s Best chance of the iPad Mini is its size, price, and, arguably, its brand name.

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