Saturday, September 29, 2012

Sharp increases production of screens for iPhone 5

The Japanese giant Sharp has confirmed Friday that is adapting its production volume to what Apple calls. The reason for this increase is due to the demand of the iPhone 5 , which has surpassed even the most optimistic expectations.

Sharp This decision coincides with the launch of the new smartphone from Apple in 22 new countries, which as you know has been included Spain. However, for now the deadlines are still in 2 or 3 weeks, but is expected to gradually go down once the initial euphoria passes.

pantallas sharp iphone 5 488x350 Sharp aumenta la producción de pantallas para el iPhone 5

However, Reuters reports that even some mobile operators are moving away from iPhone 5 to send their customers due to the stoppages of the production chain. So you know, if you want your smartphone is taking, is that the assembly process of the new screens in-cell is being delayed.

In fact, it has been leaked in August (three weeks before the release of the iPhone 5), Sharp announced that Apple would delay the delivery of the screens. Recall that these new screens with in-cell technology eliminates a layer because it incorporates LCD and touch sensors.

pantallas sharp iphone 5 2 Sharp aumenta la producción de pantallas para el iPhone 5

Uniting all factories of all suppliers (except Sharp), will be able to mount some 15 million iPhone 5 every month from now on. Sharp says it is making every effort to comply with its agreements with Apple and release the bottleneck were assuming their screens in the smartphone assembly.

Which of you have already the new iPhone 5? Those who are waiting for it to arrive, do you have much to receive them?

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