Friday, September 21, 2012

Scubo: 3D viewer for iPhone 4 and 4S

Scubo 3D viewer for iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S is an accessory that allows you to take pictures and view images and videos in 3D, and best of all without using glasses.

Just place the display on the screen of your iPhone and extend your arms so that the distance is optimal and you could charge depth images instantly. The display is a piece of the same dimensions as the iPhone screen that you put on it. You can view your 3D photos, watch videos and film trailers, etc. and even make your own pictures. To take pictures you have to move the camera a few inches, the application itself will make two photos from both ends and meet to get the 3D effect, plus guide you to make your photos come out correctly and score with a star photo, if you move your iPhone correctly get 5 stars and a perfect 3D picture. What is striking is that you do not need glasses to get a 3D effect as realistic as the film or 3D displays have some at home.

You can buy it for € 19.95 shipping included on their official website, or if you prefer in some of our sponsors will find in the advertising of this blog. It's something that a lot of attention, your friends alucinar├ín.

You can download the app with 3D videos and the system to make 3D photos here:

531150595 Scubo: visor 3D para el iPhone 4 y 4S Scubo
Developer: Engineea Remote Technologies SL
Price: free (Download application)

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