Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Samsung takes another ad anti Apple to launch the iPhone 5

We must understand Samsung: one month has not been easy for Koreans. First, those found guilty of copying Apple and forced them to pay more than a billion dollars in damage. Then the apple company got into withdrawing from the market a few terminals.

Well, it seems that they are quite nervous about the upcoming launch of the iPhone 5 , which will be presented tomorrow in a highly anticipated keynote will take place at the Yerba Buena Center.

anuncio samsung anti apple 1 Samsung saca otro anuncio anti Apple para el lanzamiento del iPhone 5

So much so that they have developed a way of sarcastically announcement about the launch of the most anticipated smartphone of the year, and that the editors of The Verge been able to find on the streets of Los Angeles.

It seems that Samsung has built from scratch a fake Apple Store, full of iOS devices, Macs and even false information boards. The concern is that not the first time they do, so they will have done quite gracefully anti such ads.

anuncio samsung anti apple 2 Samsung saca otro anuncio anti Apple para el lanzamiento del iPhone 5

We can also find in the windows smiling cardboard employees parody the Apple Genius, which help the consumer in real stores. According to the source, the ads on TV where they laughed at Apple were quite successful, so it is not surprising that the load again with something.

In one sign may read something like "join the flock", winking at what they consider sheepish behavior by buyers of Apple products.

In any case, the iPhone 5 comes out tomorrow and will face a tough competitor: the Samsung Galaxy S III is achieving significant success. We'll see if the weather gives reason to the Koreans, or not.

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